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Hello Sandvox Users,

This is a fully functional Sandvox version 2 demo website with some administration features.
Login at the admin area, by clicking here.

What is it?

• Made with Sandvox 2! Karelia's Apple Design Award Software
• Free Datalogica's integrated CGI Shopping Cart (yes really free)
• Free Datalogica's integrated CGI Rotator (rotate product images)
• Datalogica's integrated CGI WebMailer (your own contact form) Secure Perl CAPTCHA

Datalogica has created software to help all Sandvox users in our e-commerce efforts and I have made it freely available for anyone who would like to use it.

There are some limitations in the free CGI Shopping Cart version:

1) The admin.cgi, cart.cgi and review.cgi are encrypted, which will mean that you cannot edit the shopping cart.
2) If your customer placed an order they will receive an email and will see that you are using the free shopping cart from Datalogica. You cannot edit emails.
3) On different pages your customer will see that you are using the free shopping cart version.
4) That's all!

The paid version:

1) Add images instead of text, like add to cart buttons, continue shopping, table colors etc. etc.
2) Edit emails sent to customers, so they won't see that you are using the free shopping cart.
3) Add (if necessary) css classes, add JavaScript, etc. etc.
4) In fact anything you like.


Read more at this demo website!

This is just a demo website. More information at Datalogica's website.

Example of Datalogica's CGI Shopping Cart:


Visit ClinicalPosters.com.

You can download the free CGI shopping cart by clicking here.

" Datalogica Software is tailored for you - it is guaranteed to work out-of-the-box, but it is unique for you "

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